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" The only watch in the world keeping your child safe by just a click and a wrist away. "

QQ watch is the world’s first child smart watch with both cute and safe smart device which is totally user friendly to your child. QQ watch is able to take picture with this invention, your kid’s safety is just one wrist away. It is accessible to Tencent big data platform which consist of Tencent Map, Tencent Big Data and Tencent foundation.

Tencent now has collaborated with Sibyl World Sdn Bhd in Malaysia as the main representative to distribute QQ watch. QQ watch has now become the official product distribute by Sibyl World Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. QQ watch now in Malaysia is safer and it is quality guaranteed so that it is user friendly to your kids.It will be a successful invention to be introduced to Malaysian because it is a safety gadget that could help track your kid’s whereabout from time to time. As Malaysia is not so safe at some of the places. Therefore, why not save your kids by just owning a QQ watch so that you as a parent feels safer by just clicking away to check on your kids in your working environment?

QQ Watch - Introduction

Awesome Features

Here is the reason what makes QQ watch as the best selling point in the market.

Best Selling Point

the world’s first child smart watch with both cute and safe smart device which is totally user friendly to your child.

Latest tracking system

The first invention of watch in the world targeting kids in focus with taking picture to locate as the latest tracking system,this enable the parents know the exact location where their kid is located at.

Network signal

The inner part of QQ watch consist of wifi chip that detect network signal transmission.

Gravity sensor

The gravity sensor measures the acceleration effect of earth’s gravity on device enclosing the sensor by introducing free scale censoring chip in QQ watch is the world leading technology safeguard which strongly helps to correct an error and calibrate the location

One-way listening

One-way listening in QQ watch, you can set 5 family numbers,reduce the time of waiting with real time because of 24 hours monitoring system

Support multiple phone calls

Support multiple phone calls enable you to chat with whoever you want

WeChat apps

QQ watch is connected to WeChat apps, this allow them to chat through the apps anytime and anywhere as long as their watch is attached to them.

Save up to 16 friend’s number

Two-ways communication enable you to save up to 16 friend’s number. Everything is just one click away to reach your friend with clear communication.

Take picture via Camera

QQ watch can take picture via their camera as one of the picture interaction to locate where you are to share your feelings and love

WeChat mode

WeChat mode make friends helps your kid to expand their network by just ‘shake’ and ‘people nearby’.It uses the kindest way to let your kids to get the best friend

GPS positioning

GPS positioning followed by the U-BLOK positioning chip which used by Ferrari dedicated aircraft as grade technology allow the parents to easily know where their kid’s current location

Local-based system

LBS also known as Local-based system in long form are a general class of computer programme level services that use location data to control features,this function complementary with the help of GPS to totally eliminate the problem of connection lost

Other features

  • Reject to pick up unknown numbers for safety reason
  • Safety zone by making an emergency call with one click away
  • Check the telephone expenses
  • Zero radiation to keep your child safe

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